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The cheer program is a component of TYFA, known as the Tennessee Youth Football Cheerleading Alliance.  It will also be known as TYFCA. TYFCA shall be under the direction of the Cheerleading Committee, a subcommittee of the Executive Committee of TYFA and governed by the Constitution, By-Laws, and Rulebook of TYFA as administered by the TYFA Executive Board.

The Cheerleading Committee shall elect a Vice President of Cheer and Secretary from member communities.  The Vice President of Cheer shall then appoint an Athletic Director for each Division as well as an Ethics Committee comprised of a Chairman and five Committee members having at least one representative from each Conference..

The Vice President of Cheer shall be at all regular TYFA meetings to report on cheer matters.



VP of Cheer -            

Secretary -               

Athletic Director -   

Ethics Committee -

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