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To provide the youth of each member community

with a positive and enjoyable experience

in football and cheerleading.


To teach each child the values of fair play, teamwork

and competitiveness, both on and off the field.


To teach each participant the fundamentals of winning,

 while equally stressing how to act when they lose.




The Tennessee Youth Football Alliance, more commonly known as TYFA, was formed in 1996 by several community-based programs within Middle Tennessee.  It is unique in that every member community has an equal voice in the administration of the organization.  Thus the name "Alliance" instead of league.

The Alliance strives to provide a framework in which tackle football and cheerleading is offered and the ideals of good sportsmanship and fair play are stressed and taught.

Each member community elects 2 members to serve on the Executive Board.  One serves as the Executive Director, who is responsible for administering the rule and regulations of TYFA at their community and the second person serves as a Voting Delegate, who votes on all issues and rule changes presented.  Our President, Secretary, Treasurer and Vice Presidents from each conference are elected from the Executive Board.  Executive Board members may also serve on the Rules & Ethics Committee, the Finance Committee, and the Competition & Scheduling Committee.

The cheerleading program, a component of TYFA, is known as the Tennessee Youth Football Cheerleading Alliance, (TYFCA), which is under the direction of the Cheerleading Vice President, a sub-committee of the Executive Board.   This committee elects an Cheer Athletic Director from each community.  In October, TYFCA sponsors a Cheerleading Competition, where the squads compete against others in their division and are judged on spirit; dance; cheer technique; stunts and showmanship.

All members of the Executive Board, the Officers, and the committees can be found on the "EXECUTIVE BOARD" page.

Our communities are divided into 2 conferences, National and American, depending on the overall size of each community. Each Conference may be divided into divisions as necessary for scheduling and standings determination.  To view our divisions, go to the "COMMUNITIES" page.  Each community is responsible for appointing their coaches, in both football and cheerleading.  All coaches, actively instructing in practices or coaching in games, are required to be certified by a national coaching organization such as the National Youth Sports Coaches Association (NYSCA) and agree to the Coaches Code of Conduct.

As TYFA's growth continues, so does the concerns about getting the necessary information out to all the community's and their members.  The website has been designed with that in mind.

It is the intent of the Executive Board that this site be continually updated.  Changes and revisions will be clearly marked and e-mailed to each community.  However, the community officers and officials will have the latest information and their changes should be considered as "final".




Some communities have their own websites.

Go to the community's name and, if they have an active website,

you can link directly to it













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